Assessing Water Quality at Telok Gong, Klang, Selangor

5 JULY 2021: Telok Gong, located in the Klang District, Selangor has been the subject of numerous complaints. The complaints have centred on the odourous blackish water at the man-made drainage at Telok Gong. The drainage was built in late 60s’, primarily aimed at preventing flash floods. Over the years, Telok Gong has developed into an industrial area.

Following the visit of the Minister of Environment and Water, YB. Dato. Sri Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man on 26 January 2021 to the affected site at Telok Gong, efforts were reinforced to identify and implement improvement and mitigating measures to reduce and manage pollution in the area.

Recognizing that the current EMCO period may result in a substantial reduction in operational activities at the various industrial premises and hence would result in reduced discharge of industrial effluent, DOE and PSTW had planned to establish a baseline to reflect the anticipated water quality if industrial discharges are diverted away from the drainage network. At the same time, the baseline water quality data would be representative of on-going domestic sewage and sullage, as well as a reflection of cumulated pollutants.

Hence, on the 5 July 2021, water scientists from PSTW, accompanied by colleagues from the Department of Environment, Selangor, as well as officers from IWK carried out a water quality baseline survey of the drainage network at Telok Gong. In situ measurements and collection of water samples were undertaken at the tidal gates, inlets to the drainage system as well as waters representing industrial areas at both low and high tides. At the same time, aerial survey highlighted the extent of potential pollution sources for which the drainage network represents the main receiving water body.

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